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NPC Crates

CrateReloaded has support for NPC crates. This feature hooks into the Citizen plugin to allow you to open a crate when you interact with a NPC. Therefore, you will need to have the Citizen plugin installed. For installation, click here!


This requires a free NPC add-on. Check installation for the download.


How do I create a NPC crate?

NPC crates are amazing; it is no wonder why you are trying to create one. We have made it really simple for you to create a NPC crate. We will show you how to create a NPC and hook it to a crate from scratch.


Create the NPC

/npc create <name>

And the NPC is created!

Hook the NPC to crates

First, find the ID of the NPC

/npc list

And finally, hook the NPC to crates!

/cnpc set <id> <crate>

Unhook the NPC from crates

/cnpc remove <id> <crate>