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1.X.X to 2.0.X


Do not use 2.1.X when migrating from 1.X.X. Legacy code is being removed. Please update from 1.X.X ASAP.

To prevent any data corruption, it is advised that the server is shutdown before continuing. This guide should be attempted on a backup server before on your production server. You may also attempt this on a backup server then copy the plugin files over.


It is recommended that you perform this upgrade on the same Bukkit server version. If you previously ran CrateReloaded on Bukkit 1.12, you should perform this conversion on Bukkit 1.12 -- not 1.13 or otherwise.


  1. Download the latest file from the respective page. [Premium][Free]
  2. Put CrateReloaded.jar into /plugins/.
  3. Start your server java -jar spigot.jar.
  4. The plugin will automatically backup and convert your crate files.

Data such as crate/npc locations, default config settings, and language files will not be automatically converted but backed up in the root server directory.