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CrateReloaded supports various effects and animations. These may be set under the effect section in the crate.yml.

Effects have various different settings however the two most important sections are class and category. The class specifies what kind of effect will appear while the category specifies when will that effect appear.

General Settings

classlinkWhat type of effect will appear
categorylinkWhen this effect will appear
relativeOffset"x,y,z"Offsets the effect from the original location
particleCountintegerThe number of particles to spawn per packet
particleSizedoubleScales the particle size (MC 1.13+)
visibleRangeintegerThe radius at which to display particles
yawOffsetdoubleThe yaw offset
pitchOffsetdoubleThe pitch offset


The following classes are effects that are officially supported and have been tested. For the full list of effects including the effects that are not officially documented, see here.


OPENRuns upon crate opening
PERSISTENTRuns indefinitely
ANIMATIONRuns every tick of an animation
PUSHBACKv2.0.9 Runs when a player is pushbacked
REWARDv2.0.17 Runs when a player receives the reward
INSPECTv2.0.9 Runs when a player inspects a crate
ENDRuns upon finishing of an animation