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CrateReloaded requires either the Bukkit or Spigot API. Note that the official vanilla minecraft server is not supported. At this current moment, we do not support Sponge.

CrateReloaded from Spigot - Free, Spigot - Premium.


CrateReloaded has optional dependencies to improve ease-of-use.


  1. Vault
  2. Essentials or EssentialsX
  3. HolographicDisplays or CMI (Holographics).
  4. CrateReloadedNPC

Plugin Install

  1. In your server folder, create a plugins folder if one does not exist.
  2. Drag and drop the CrateReloaded.jar and any optional plugin into your plugins folder.
  3. Start up the server.
  4. You can now begin using the plugin! For usage, click here
  5. For customization, you can click here

Post-Install: Configuration

Once your server has CrateReloaded installed, you will find the following inside {server}/plugins/CrateReloaded folder


Holds generic settings such as prefix, formatting, and modifers. This is where you would find settings that modify the plugin as a whole.


This is where you would set up custom crates. Crates may be interpreted as kits, packs, or a set of rewards.


The following folder is used to store plugin messages. You may modify these files to match your designated region and language.

  • messages/


The following are storage files used for storing plugin data, and won't need any an explanation.

  • location.yml
  • claims/